Crazy Cajun Crawfish delivers quality!

Delivering the highest quality crawfish starts with the highest quality farms. At every step of the way, our farms take the utmost care in raising, harvesting, cleaning, grading and delivering your crawfish so they come to you large, healthy and clean - just the way you like 'em! Here's how our farms handle each step:

1) FARMING: Crazy Cajun Crawfish farms practice responsible farming and do not over farm, so our crawfish grow healthy and large. Much of our crawfish come from the Atchafalaya Basin where the water is constantly flowing to keep the crawfish clean and healthy as they grow.

2) HARVESTING: All too often crawfish farms, in the interest of making more money, pull their traps multiple times a day resulting in many crawfish not being allowed to fully mature before coming to market. Our farms only pull their traps once a day, and per conditions, every other day, ensuring our crawfish reach peak maturity.

3) CLEANING: We take a lot of pride in the proprietary cleaning process used by our farm. Our crawfish spend 24 hours in aerated fresh water cleaning their exteriors and giving them time to clean their digestive systems. NO PURGING NECESSARY - WE DO THE WORK FOR YOU!

4) GRADING: With two stages of grading, you are assured a consistent, quality product in every bag. Using a combination of proprietary grading machinery and hand grading, our farms carefully weed out any dead crawfish or "peelers" (crawfish that are smaller than 4", used primarily in restaurant dishes as they are not appropriate for boiling) then segregate the 4" / 5" / 6" crawfish for consistent, quality crawfish.

5) DELIVERY: Live, dormant and less than 24 hours from the farm to your local pick up location - guaranteed! Throughout the entire transport the crawfish are kept at a constant 40-42 degrees, the ideal temperature for dormancy as per the LSU Department of Aquaculture.

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