Crazy Cajun Crawfish Catering Services

Crazy Cajun Crawfish Company offers 100% Cajun Catering for your boil, so you can sit back and enjoy the party! We'll supply all the cooking equipment, the best 'bugs in town with a couple of the favorite fixins - corn and taters - and boil 'em up for you cajun style, with lots of SPICE! We can supervise and supply as much or as little of the other party necessities as you like. Great for fundraisers, birthdays, game-watches or just an everyday party! Prices vary by pounds ordered with a minimum order of 100lbs. One week notice is required for events of less than 5000 lbs. Three weeks notice is required for events of more than 5000 lbs. Call Darrell Vanderslice at
(936) 230-0836 for more information or to get a bid!
Crazy Cajun Crawfish Company Homepage Crazy Cajun Crawfish Company offer 100% cajun catering so you can sit back and enjoy the party! Crazy Cajun Crawfish Company delivers the highest quality crawfish to central Texas weekly.  Come see how! Crazy Cajun Crawfish Company tips and tricks for boiling crawfish! Celebrate the season with Crazy Cajun Crawfish's unique crawfish and Mardi Gra gear! Meet the Crazy Cajun himself! Contact Crazy Cajun Crawfish
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